the eternal trilogy mac.

guess what: i got a job!
(no... not cooking... as an architect...)

this comes out as a little menacing to the blog,
maybe i'll have less time to bake/cook/post...
but don't worry. i'm not going anywhere.
i'll keep bringing you goodies 



a love affair with braided berries ♥

You can call me crazy, but I have no shame in admitting that I love winter thunderstorms and rain, particularly at night and especially (of course, but not only) when I'm home, cozying up in the couch, underneath thick blankets and with a huge cup of freshly brewed tea nearby.

But there is one thing I like even more: those days (and many of them are left by these stormy nights) when you wake up to a bright sunshine and a deep blue sky, that almost make you forget how it is less than ten degrees celsius outside, because you can have breakfast in the balcony wearing a t-shirt as if it was summer.

Extra points if that day is a sunday 




Bom dia 
Daqui a um mês são os meus anos, e por esta razão lanço hoje um desafio (ou melhor, dois!) muito especial!
Melhor ainda, é internacional!

Good morning 

It's one month to my birthday, so today I'm throwing a very special challenge (two of them, actually)!
Better yet, it's international!


cookies at an exhibition.

upgrade your sugar cookie.
try this recipe.

and have a nice sunny sunday.

i love triangles. aren't they gorgeous with this abstract caramel glaze?
i've heard they taste like christmas :)

and beware:
let's say they tend to disappear quite quickly while no one is watching.
and no, it's not me eating them all...