about a birthday cake.

i mostly like to talk, but is it okay if sometimes i don't feel like saying anything?
it was a really exhausting (though great) weekend!

made this cake for my birthday while watching my favourite series
and i had so much fun planning, baking and assembling the whole thing!
hope you enjoy it!

love, xoxo,




feeling so blessed to have such an amazing family,
to have such amazing old and new friends,
who i love so much and who make me feel so loved,
to have met so many great people along the way,
to miss many that i haven't seen in a while,
to still keep in touch with them,
to have made many friends in the blog world,
to have made such great friendships abroad,
to get messages from people that i thought had forgotten me,
to have encountered so many inspiring people so far in my life,
to have found myself again this year,
proud of having overcome it all,
and thankful to all of you who bring a smile to my face every day!

thank you all 


the secret ingredient.

i'm so happy to bring this guest post to you today!