Bom dia 
Daqui a um mês são os meus anos, e por esta razão lanço hoje um desafio (ou melhor, dois!) muito especial!
Melhor ainda, é internacional!

Good morning 

It's one month to my birthday, so today I'm throwing a very special challenge (two of them, actually)!
Better yet, it's international!


cookies at an exhibition.

upgrade your sugar cookie.
try this recipe.

and have a nice sunny sunday.

i love triangles. aren't they gorgeous with this abstract caramel glaze?
i've heard they taste like christmas :)

and beware:
let's say they tend to disappear quite quickly while no one is watching.
and no, it's not me eating them all...


orange is the new plum.

I've had this plum streusel cake in my mind for over one week.

But for some reason that I cannot grasp, I never buy plums.

So yesterday I couldn't take the cooking cravings anymore, and the only fruit I had was oranges.
(I must recall that the supermarket is closed on Sunday here in Germany)

I really wanted to make a fruity dessert, but...

Here I was, still dreaming of plums, raspberries, bluberries, and so on - even the ordinariness of apples! - to be left with oranges - which, unnervingly, are the faintest flavoured oranges I've ever bought.

Well... there is nothing like googling "orange dessert recipes" for inspiration, or so thought I.
I couldn't decide on a cake, still drooling over "berry streusel" pictures instead. Finally, I came to realize that it had to be what it had to be, and held my chin up facing the tennis-ball-shaped spheres on the counter.

 I think I'm going through a bad kitchen karma period.

After a first attempt to follow a recipe I found online (which I could already tell wouldn't work - why in the world did I even use it!?) and ending up with a butter-egg float batter... (really -.- this has got to be bad kitchen karma), already mad, but not quite to throw in the towel (after all, I already had the perfect caramelized oranges), I decided to do things my own way, and the cake finally came out pretty nice :)

The best part is... the first bite of this cake instantly reminded me of crêpes suzette, my ever favourite among my father's few staple dessert recipes (though he would do them without alcohol - we were three kids at home!). They still are one of my favourite desserts, maybe even top five - and, oddly enough, they have got orange.


fondant au chocolat.

it's dark. raw. gooey and turning to fudgy. gorgeous.

it's like a chocolate mousse baked bar.

you may eat it straight out of the oven... like a lava cake.

and after that, it's an heavenly gorgeous chocolate fudge.

p.s.: dust with cocoa.


when it crumbles...

Having a hard time deciding what to write here today.


Should we food bloggers always combine a recipe with a funny story about it, or about our lives?


Well, there are many reasons why I choose to bake/cook what I choose to bake/cook... like:
a) I want to eat that specific thing... as in... right - NOW.
b) I saw this thing on (insert website/blog/magazine/book/...) and I can't get it out of my head.
c) I have some (insert edible things here) going stale that I need to get rid of.
d) There is a (insert social event here) coming up - you can find me thinking about new recipes weeks ahead, especially if I'm hosting.
e) I just really feel like cooking/baking, which is not easy to distinguish from: 
f) I am bored and cooking/baking is such a great hobbie! (usually followed by oh no, do I have to eat all this now?!)
g) I have a food blog which I can't neglect - and new ideas coming up.
h) Someone asked me to!
i) I am procrastinating and so I really need to cook/bake (insert wild cooking/baking project here).
j) Several or all of the above.

(I may have forgotten some reasons, but I thing I got the most important covered.)

So this crumble was definitely a j, a mix between a, c, e, f and i (although it is not that wild, but I was, indeed, procrastinating.) It really is nothing out of the ordinary, but this fruit combo is a winner and the oats top it perfectly. And it is sooo easy to do... Hope you enjoy it - and maybe use this recipe to fulfill the same purposes :)