triple chocolate, oats and nuts

Hi, I'm finally back with a brand new and very sweet recipe ;)
These are the thick, chewy on the center, filled with chocolate goodness cookies that you definitely should be baking right now. And these are for Helena, hope she gets to read this :)

Triple Chocolate, Oats and Nuts Cookies
- 1 + 1/2 chávena de farinha de espelta
- 2/3 de chávena de cacau
- 1 colher de sobremesa de bicarbonato de sódio
- 1/2 colher de chá de sal
- 100g de manteiga
- 1 chávena de açúcar amarelo escuro
- 2 ovos
- 2 colheres de sopa de natas
- 75g de chocolate branco picado
- 75g de chocolate negro picado
- 50g de avelãs, picadas
- 1/2 chávena de aveia

1) Misturar a farinha, o cacau, o bicarbonato de sódio e o sal,
2) Derreter a manteiga sobre lume brando, mexendo sempre até obter uma cor âmbar e um aroma semelhante a avelãs, verter numa taça fria e deixar arrefecer,
3) Bater o açúcar com a manteiga até obter uma mistura homogénea,
4) Juntar os ovos e as natas e bater novamente,
5) Incorporar os ingredientes líquidos nos sólidos e juntar os chocolates, as avelãs e a aveia,
6) Levar ao frigorífico cerca de uma hora e meia,
7) Aquecer o forno a 180ºC
8) Moldar pequenas bolas, achatar e colocar sobre um tabuleiro forrado com papel vegetal,
9) Levar ao forno cerca de 10 minutos; deixar arrefecer sobre uma rede metálica.

Triple Chocolate, Oats and Nuts Cookies
- 1 + 1/2 spelt flour
- 2/3 cup cocoa
- 1 tsp baking soda
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 100g butter
- 1 cup light brown sugar
- 2 eggs
- 2 tbsp heavy cream
- 75g white chocolate, chopped
- 75g dark chocolate, chopped
- 50g hazelnuts, chopped
- 1/2 cup oats

1) Mix flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt,
2) Melt the butter over medium heat, stirring until it reaches a golden amber colour and a nutty aroma, pour in a cold cup and let cool,
3) Beat sugar with butter until well mixed,
4) Mix in eggs and cream,
5) Mix liquid ingredients with solid ones and fold in the chopped chocolate, nuts and oats,
6) Place in the refrigerator for an hour and a half,
7) Heat oven at 180ºC,
8) Mould the batter into small balls, slightly flatten them and place them in a baking tray lined with parchment paper,
9) Bake for about 10 minutes; let cool over a wire rack.


blueberry bliss... in a cake.

Baking, baking, baking... you're all invited for tea!
I think I may have found my most recent favourite yellow cake recipe (heart)

Pound Cake de Mirtilhos e Laranja com Glacé de Baunilha
- 125g de manteiga
- 125g de açúcar
- 125g de farinha
- 125 ml de buttermilk
- 1 colher de chá de fermento
- 1/2 colher de chá de sal
- 2 colheres de sopa de orange marmalade
- 2 ovos
- 150g de mirtilhos

- 1/2 chávena de açúcar em pó
- 2 colheres de sopa de leite
- baunilha moída e gotas de aroma de baunilha

1) Bater bem a manteiga com o açúcar e o doce até obter uma mistura cremosa homogénea,
2) Acrescentar os ovos um a um, batendo entre adições,
3) Misturar a farinha, o fermento e o sal,
4) Com um fouet, incorporar à vez parte do buttermilk e parte da farinha,
5) Com uma espátula, envolver os mirtilhos cuidadosamente,
6) Verter numa forma de bolo inglês ou de bundt cake untada e levar ao forno a 170ºC cerca de 40 minutos,
7) Desenformar e deixar arrefecer; entretanto, misturar bem os ingredientes do glacé,
8) Verter o glacé sobre o bolo de forma irregular, deixando escorrer para os lados.

Blueberry Orange Pound Cake with Vanilla Glaze
- 125g butter
- 125g sugar
- 125g flour
- 125 ml buttermilk
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 2 tbsp orange marmalade
- 2 eggs
- 150g blueberries

- 1/2 cup confectioner's sugar
- 2 tbsp milk
- ground vanilla and vanilla aroma drops

1) Cream butter, sugar and jam,
2) Add eggs one by one, beating between additions,
3) Mix flour, baking powder and salt together,
4) Alternately mix the flour and the buttermilk into the egg mixture,
5) Carefully fold in the blueberries,
6) Pour into a greased english or pound cake mould and bake at 170ºC for about 40 minutes,
7) Unmould, let cool; meanwhile prepare the glaze, mixing all ingredients,
8) Pour glaze over the cake; it should run down the sides of the cake here and there.


cherry booze will make you smile ;)

I confess... I'm on a cherry inebrity these days.

Champanhada de Cereja
750ml de espumante, frio
300ml de sumo de cerejas ácidas, frio
1/2 a 2/3 de chávena de açúcar
1 colher de sopa de sumo de limão
meia dúzia de cubos de gelo
uma dúzia de cerejas doces descaroçadas e cortadas em metades e mirtilhos para decorar

Num jarro, misturar as cerejas, os mirtilhos, o açúcar e o sumo de limão,
Juntar o sumo de cereja, misturar tudo bem,
Por fim, juntar o espumante e o gelo e servir.

Cherry Champanhada
750ml sparkling wine, cold
300ml sour cherry juice, cold
1/2 to 2/3 cup sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
half a dozen ice cubes
a dozen sweet cherries, pitted and cut into halves, and blueberries to garnish

In a jar, mix cherries, blueberries, sugar and lemon juice,
Add cherry juice and stir until dissolved,
Finally, add sparkling wine and ice and serve.


rouge cerise.

Blog recipes are not always planned.
(btw, blog texts are barely never planned around here, and as you can see, sometimes it can go a bit wild, as this one quite turned into an essay!)

I mean... sometimes it can be as spontaneous as 'oh, I've just made this, and it actually looks pretty cool. I should go grab my iPhone'. Sometimes this happens while I'm sitting at the table with eager guests.

And here's where an interesting thing that may intrigue many people comes about: often, people waiting on the table get a bit upset while waiting for the pictures to be taken. That is a big reason why I will post dessert, or anything that's not to be immediately served, over main courses, even though my preferences used to be otherwise (guess what, desserts are really growing on me over time!). For older people who don't use the web, me shooting the table over Christmas may even come out as a bit odd, I suppose.

As time went by, however, most of my friends got used to the fact that 'she has a cooking blog' and an unspoken agreement was established on if they are willing to eat it, they should sometimes (It's not like I'm posting every single thing I make) be willing to be a bit patient while not teasing me about it. Nowadays, I get a bit proud out of the fact that I am less teased and less conscientious about taking the damn pictures - is my 'cooking blog thing' getting a bit more acknowledged? :) I know I'm no pro cook and I'm not here to lecture you on what is right or wrong in the kitchen, but I do have a cooking blog and it makes me really happy to share recipes.

Back to the spontaneity, there's times when I've been dreaming about whipping the thing up for ages, whereas quite often the idea just crosses my mind the minute I step into the kitchen, or even whilst cooking. It's actually not uncommon for me to plan on doing something and then just decide otherwise - last minute.

That was what happened today. As I invited Catarina for lunch, my first thought was: 'let's do something wrapped in pastry crust! Like... salmon and spinach... or maybe salmon and mushrooms... what about beef wellington (and here I hit one of my ever growing 'to-do recipe list' items)... yeah, that's it and it's gonna be awesome!...' (then back in the supermarket) 'Oh wait, they have not a single good cut of beef here... What about chicken, stuffed with this duxelles thing you wrap the beef in?' (as strolling down the aisle) 'Oh, but I really feel like pastry crust... I've got to make a pie! Yeah, that cherry pie I was dreaming about yesterday (hitting another item again) sounds great. Well then, chicken and cherry it is!'

(this is what happens when you don't let it cool! We were a bit in a rush but you should wait for it ;) ) 

Sweet Cherry Pie
(para um mini pyrex e 2-3 pessoas)
- 400g de cerejas escuras doces descaroçadas
- 1 massa folhada de compra rectangular
- 1/2 chávena de açúcar
- 2 colheres de sopa de maizena
- 15g de manteiga em lascas
- 1 colher de sopa de vinho branco

1) Misturar bem as cerejas com o açúcar, a maizena, a manteiga e o vinho branco; deixar repousar um pouco,
2) Entretanto, cortar a massa em duas partes; forrar um mini pyrex com uma delas e fazer alguns furos/desenhos (para o vapor) no topo da outra metade,
3) Deitar a mistura de cerejas dentro do pyrex, cobrir com a segunda metade, remover o excesso de massa e dobrar os lados da massa de baixo por cima da do topo, pressionando ligeiramente,
4) Levar ao forno pré-aquecido a 200ºC, no tabuleiro de baixo, durante cerca de 30 min, ou até estar dourada,
5) Deixar arrefecer antes de servir.

Sweet Cherry Pie
(for a mini pyrex and 2-3 people)
- 400g dark sweet cherries
- 1 rectangular pastry crust package
- 1/2 cup sugar
- 2 tbsp corn starch
- 15g butter shavings
- 1 tbsp white wine

1) Mix well cherries, sugar, corn starch and wine; let sit for a while,
2) Meanwhile, cut the pastry in two pieces; place the first inside the mini pyrex, sides up, and make cuts on the other (for the steam),
3) Pour the cherries inside the pyrex, cover with the second layer of pastry, remove any excess and fold the sides of the bottom layer over the second layer, pressing them together,
4) Bake at 200ºC on the bottom rack for about 30 minutes or until golden,
5) Let it cool before serving.


1 + 1 + 1 = CAKE

When I first found out about this cake here, I knew it wouldn't be long before I tried it...

(and this is what you get when you're so eager you don't allow the cake to bake properly)

Bolo de Chocolate e Cereja... em Três Ingredientes
- 200g de nutella
- 3 ovos
- uma dúzia de cerejas descaroçadas

1) Derreter a nutella em banho-maria, deixar arrefecer um pouco,
2) Bater os ovos durante 10 minutos com a batedeira na velocidade máxima,
3) Incorporar a nutella nos ovos,
4) Forrar o fundo de uma forma de fundo amovível com papel vegetal,
5) Deitar as cerejas no interior e verter sobre elas a massa,
6) Levar ao forno a 170ºC durante cerca de 15-20 minutos,
7) Retirar do forno e deixar arrefecer completamente antes de servir.

Chocolate Cherry Cake... with Three Ingredients
- 200g nutella
- 3 eggs
- a dozen pitted cherries

1) Melt nutella over a pot of simmering water, let cool a bit,
2) Beat eggs for 10 minutes at maximum speed,
3) Fold the nutella in the eggs,
4) Line the bottom of a removable bottom cake pan with baking paper,
5) Pour in the cherries and the batter,
6) Bake at 170ºC for about 15-20 minutes,
7) Let cool completely before serving.