uma francesa na alemanha.

This recipe is definitely not for the faint of heart.
Made for my Italian 'family' one month ago ;)

They got a taste of Porto and it got them K.O. haha!


gimme my musli

How are you?

I just moved (yet again...)!

The new place is really cool and we have a nice kitchen,
so I hope you'll be seeing some more innovative ideas soon ;)

I'm completely overwhelmed with work by now...
and as you've noticed, I have been baking a lot less...
but I realized I still had some recipes on hold that I hadn't shared with you!

As for tomorrow is Monday, I decided it was the perfect timing to bring this original musli recipe to you.


blurred lines.

Some specific foods have the power to bring us back to our childhood.

Well, this one certainly does it for a lot of people.

It is probably one of the first recipes kids learn to make on their own, as it is quite easy and envolves no harmful appliances - except for the stovetop, a step that I immagine many parents would supervise.
This was the most likely item to be present at any kid's birthday party in the 90s. And all kids loved this thing!

I didn't really ever care for them... I don't know why, but at the sight of a table full with different stuff, this was something I would rarely go for. Maybe because they are overpoweringly sweet, so they would make anything else taste like nothing after - what a smart palate, if that's the case!
Plus we would never have them at home, I don't know why, but I never bothered to wonder
Hence, this is something I had never made at home, even though I had watched many friends preparing them.

For some awkward reason, being here has awaken some eccentric desires and cravings I didn't even knew I could have - as in even for some things that I kind of didn't like before. For you prents here, if you want your kids to like any traditional dish they hate back home, just send them abroad for a couple of months, it will totally solve the problem! (...just not to Portugal or Italy, as they may stay there for the food haha ;) )

One thing they don't have here in a regular supermarket is what we call 'regular' condensed milk back home... they sell this thin, cream-like mixture that I don't even understand what it is. Suddenly, I had an urge to make all condensed milk things I could think off. So I bought some at the portuguese shop.
In the end there was one can left in my pantry.

Last week, I really needed to eat chocolate, but it was ten in the evening and I only had cocoa. So I did what I had to do.
Get rid of that can.


french turned english ♥

(So September is here...
or so they say,
... to me it feels like November!

freaking cold, a homogeneous and thick layer of clouds covering the whole sky, the whole day...
I feel like I had no summer this year: August was work and rain all the way.)

Ok. On to the recipe.

breakfast is ready!

just thought this could be fun ;) recipe is in the previous post.