feeling so blessed to have such an amazing family,
to have such amazing old and new friends,
who i love so much and who make me feel so loved,
to have met so many great people along the way,
to miss many that i haven't seen in a while,
to still keep in touch with them,
to have made many friends in the blog world,
to have made such great friendships abroad,
to get messages from people that i thought had forgotten me,
to have encountered so many inspiring people so far in my life,
to have found myself again this year,
proud of having overcome it all,
and thankful to all of you who bring a smile to my face every day!

thank you all 


the secret ingredient.

i'm so happy to bring this guest post to you today! 


a colorful winter.

loving this colourful collection by
florent tanet

pão, pan, pain, pane, brot, bread.

ok, i've already told you about my love for baking bread.
the fulfillment it brings to my soul.
well... on the top of that, some kinds of bread bring me an even sweeter feeling,
they recall me of cherished places, memories and people.

one of them
(and i cannot but say that it is my number one, way ahead of the bavarian laugenstange)
is the traditional bread from my hometown: padas de vale de ílhavo.

there's then a bunch of others. like today's bread.

this one in particular recalls me of lazy weekends,
but also of parties and special holidays like christmas and new year's eve.
and it has a very funny story ;)


porquê o pão.

there is something about making bread...

i don't know...

something about the sour smell of leavening yeast,
the patient waiting for the dough to rise,
the feeling you get when you see it all huge and puffy,
the hand kneading and shaping,
the smell of those buns in the oven,
the amazing sensation of eating homemade bread...

... it is so relaxing and rewarding